CRM. A word that is increasingly heard in business circles, with people involved in the sale. Until a few years ago, CRM is used by very few companies in Serbia, today the number of companies is growing. What allows one CRM and why your company is really necessary?

You face on a daily basis with a large number of decisions in connection with the business that you have to make quickly. But unfortunately, you are missing information on the basis of which the decisions were made.

Fluctuation of employees is relatively large. What's going to happen with clients when your sales go from the company or move to another position? Painstakingly picking documentation and various excel files to find relevant information.

Centralized information that are available at any time on any device. Imagine that you have to wait to be in the office to retrieve the information you need or if you need to call colleagues who are in the office to provide you the requested information.

Client is dissatisfied and you don't know why. CRM enables an exceptional overview of working with your client and provides a quick glimpse in his current condition,how financial and human side of his business with you.

Reporting. Perhaps one of the most important things in today's business. Imagine that your most important reports are waiting for you in your inbox each morning with the latest information you need. Are you life would be easier?

Starter A
  • up to10users
  • 40€30€ user/month
    (billed annually)
  • Setup: 500€
Small business B
  • from 11 to 50 users
  • 35€ user/month
    (billed annually)
  • Setup: 1000€
Enterprise C
  • from 51 users
  • 30€ user/month
    (billed annually)
  • Setup: free